Mired in Darkness is a chronice that details the adventures of a coterie of Cainites that have been bound up in the intrigues of their elders – for better or worse. They fight not only to survive the cold, dark nights of the Far East, but thrive despite their elders’ manipulations.

I have drawn upon the story arcs found in Transylvania By Night, among others, as well as homebrew creations of my own design. If you’re interested in joining, take a look at the guidelines for character creation, and be sure to look over our house rules.

DISCLAIMER: I have wandered the Web for some time gathering pieces of art to use for portraits and scenery in my games. If I have used something that belongs to you and have caused offence, please accept my apologies in advance and don’t hesitate to contact me. I’ll be more than happy to take it down or give credit where it is due!

Special thanks are due to Haligaunt and his excellent work in The Concord of Ashes, from which I borrowed and/or modified much of the material in my game.

Mired in Darkness