House Rules

This page covers house rules for Mired in Darkness. More will be added as issues arise.

Disallowed Merits and Flaws
I feel that certain Merits and Flaws are unbalanced, over-powered, or otherwise Bad Juju. The following Merits and Flaws are therefore disallowed in Mired in Darkness without special, explicit permission of the Storyteller. I reserve the right to add to this list at any time and for any reason.

  • Disallowed Merits: Common Sense, Hidden Diablerie, Iron Will, True Faith, Unbondable
  • Disallowed Flaws:

Linguistics and Languages
While I prefer the way languages work under the 20th Anniversary rules, I still feel a few changes are necessary for this game. To begin with, there is a new Knowledge Ability, Linguistics. Unlike in previous editions of the game however, this does not cover how many languages your character knows: rather, it covers your character’s understanding of languages in general and how to translate them. Thus, while a character with knowledge of French has no understanding of Arabic, the same character who also took the Linguistics Ability understands the basics behind languages and has a chance to translate other languages based on that knowledge.

Dice Rolling
Players are free to roll dice for their own characters as they see fit. The Storyteller will roll for players when appropriate rather than waiting for things like Initiative, Perception, and so on.

House Rules

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